Threatened Species in the News

Earlier in July, the 2021 State of Environment Report was released by the Federal Government. The report makes for disturbing, although unsurprising, reading. Almost every indicator used to assess the health of Australia’s land and water paints the picture of a poor and declining country: an extinction crisis, limited access to drinking water, increasing weather extremes caused by climate change and insufficient funding to address the problems.

The release of the report has generated much conversation and media interest in many aspects of Australia’s environment and the indicators of how we are faring.

This article with a focus on threatened fauna species appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 23rd July:

What the bald eagle and a tiny bat can tell us about Australia’s broken system for protecting nature

By Nick O’Malley

The release of the SoE report has also brought into focus the actions that need to happen to improve our environmental outcomes. Read more here:

State of Environment report: Australia’s five steps to reversing disaster (

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