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Diuris ochroma - pale golden moths

Native Seed Collection Workshop – February 2013


This is a short introduction to seed collection. Seed collection can be a rewarding pastime and there is always something to learn. Read some books or organise a group to collect and learn together, bringing in people with knowledge and experience.

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Planting Methods Workshop – October 2011


Weeds report‘Weed’ too readily translates as ‘bad’ and the reflexive response is ‘weed – remove it!’, and we often leap into action without further reflection.

These notes from Stuart Cameron’s workshop discusses this landscape as it is, as it was, as it might become. There is as much work to be done in our heads as in the landscape. And much of this work must be done before we ever pick up a mattock or a spray gun.

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Life and Death in the Cemetery


Life and death in the cemeteryThe Towamba Cemetery contains native grassland dominated by Kangaroo Grass that is closely related to Lowland Grassy Woodland.

This vegetation may be remnant from an original grassy woodland formation, or the result of the effects of clearing, burning or other management practices on Bega Wet Shrub Forest.

Although the tree layer has been largely removed, the grassland at the cemetery is diverse and supports a number of species which are rare in the region.

This report describes the significant plant species in the cemetery and identifies ways to ensure they are conserved into the future.

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