Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2020

Rainbow lorikeetThe 2020 Aussie Backyard Bird Count will be held from Monday 19 – Sunday 25 October. This is one of Australia’s biggest annual citizen science events, with more than 88,000 people participating last year and nearly 3.4 million birds counted. It’s a great way to connect with the birds in your area and to contribute to BirdLife Australia’s knowledge of Australian Birds.

All you need to take part is 20 minutes and your favourite outdoor space, whether it’s a suburban backyard, a local park, a patch of forest, a farm, down by the beach, or the main street of town.

By participating in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count, you’ll be helping BirdLife Australia find out about the common species that live where people live, providing a snapshot of Australian birds at the same time each year and allowing them to look at the trends in our bird communities from year to year. This is important because it’s these more common species that give us the best indication of the health of the environment.

Head to the website for information on how to participate and register for the Bird Count today.

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