Steps for a Successful Planting Project

Bega Valley landholder in a riparian area, holding a hammer and standing in front of tree guards he's been putting on his large scale planting project

Bega Valley landholder completing a riparian planting project

Recent winter rains have provided good soil moisture levels and full dams, ideal for planting this spring. If you’re feeling inspired to undertake a larger scale planting project on your property, planning ahead and giving yourself plenty of time to prepare your site will make your job easier and increase the health, survival and growth rates of your plants. Choosing the right site, good site preparation, species selection, timing of planting for soil moisture and maintenance are the keys to a successful larger scale planting project (around 200 plants or more). Have a look at this two page guide to planning and implementing your project called Planning to Plant. It covers four areas:

1. Planning – Choosing the best site for planting, choosing your plants, timing and soil moisture;
2. Site Preparation – Preparing the soil, weed control, fencing out stock, pest control;
3. Planting; and
4. Maintenance.

Good luck with your project and remember you can always contact the CMN for further advice or to find out who you need to talk to next.

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