Managing Wild Deer Update

A Rusa Deer in Brogo

Rusa Deer in Brogo

The NSW government is considering giving all gun licence holders in the state the right to cull wild deer populations on private property in a bid to reduce herd numbers. Under current rules, a game hunting licence is needed to shoot deer. This change would bring the control of feral deer into line with other damaging feral animals such as rabbits, foxes, feral goats and pigs. For details see these recent articles from SBS News and The Conversation.

For information on managing wild deer in NSW, see the recent NSW Department of Primary Industries Fact Sheet. This includes details about which rules for hunting wild deer were suspended in 2018 to enable landholders to manage abundant herds more effectively.

Recording sightings or evidence of deer activity remains an important activity for landholders, as this helps understand the spread and behaviour of deer which can assist in control efforts. To see photos that show evidence of deer, including droppings, hoof prints and ringbarking/rubbing of trees, visit the Atlas of Life page on unknown deer species. You can report your own sightings of deer or evidence of deer on the Atlas of Life’s NatureMapr and on Deer Scan (which helps you identify which species of deer you have) or contact Andrew Michelin from South East Local Land Services on 6491 7800 or

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