All Things Arachnid Workshop

A small red and black spider on a log

Red and Black Spider, by Kerri-Lee Harris

The Atlas Naturalists are holding a workshop on Saturday 10 August from 2-5pm at the Tura Marrang Library as part of National Science Week. Here are some details:

“Have you ever wondered what makes an arachnid so different to an insect? Do you know what spiders, ticks and scorpions have in common? Would it surprise you to learn that spiders are highly sensitive animals? And would you like to get to know some of our local spiders just a little bit better?”

Paul Whitington and Kerri-Lee Harris will share their knowledge of arachnid evolution, biology, diversity and identification. As biologists, photographers and keen local naturalists, Paul and Kerri-Lee will present their own observations along with insights from the research literature.

For more information about the day and to register visit: Atlas Naturalists

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