Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2018

Aussie Backyard Bird CountIt’s almost time to join in the 2018 Aussie Backyard Bird Count, any time between Monday 22 and Sunday 28 October. The annual Bird Count is run by Birdlife Australia to provide a snapshot of Australian birds at the same time each year in the places where people live. This shows trends in our bird communities and gives an indication of the health of the environment. It’s also a great way to celebrate National Bird Week.

Last year there were more than 72,000 participants and 60,000 checklists submitted, Almost two million birds were counted! This year, let’s aim to have bird counts happening all across the Bega Valley Shire and see if we can oust the Rainbow Lorikeet from top position, with it being the most frequently sighted bird species for four years running.

Participating is easy. Choose a site and record the birds you see over a 20 minute period. You then submit your count via a simple online form or by using the Aussie Bird Count app. There is a Field Guide/Bird Finder built into the app and on the website to help you identify birds or you can use your own. Click here for more information and to register.

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