Wetlands Workshop – Tues 3 May, Bega

Wetland monitoringDo you have a wetland or farm dam on your property? Would you like to know more about improving water quality and biodiversity? Want to know how to tackle common wetland weeds with and without chemicals? How can your wetland or dam affect property health? Come along to a one day workshop about:

  • the importance of wetlands in the landscape
  • how to make the best use of wetlands for property health, biodiversity andĀ improved stock health
  • wetland connectivity, why is it important and how to improve it
  • what regulations affect wetlands
  • what makes a healthy wetland
  • recognising and managing threats to wetland health, including pests and weeds
  • using chemicals around wetlands and alternative methods of weed control
  • measuring changes in wetland health
  • how to restore a degraded wetland

When: Tuesday 3 May, 9.30am-3.30pm

Where: Bega (morning information session and afternoon site visits)

Presenter: Alison Elvin, Director of Natural Capital Pty Ltd.

Alison Elvin has a life-time of practical experience in agriculture and natural resource management. She delivers workshops on a broad range of topics, including, Wetland Restoration Techniques, Farm Dams and Water Quality Solutions and Riparian Restoration Techniques.

Cost: Free, with morning tea provided, BYO lunch

For bookings and details: contact Ali Rodway on info@fsccmn.com or 0417 246 896.

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